Finding answers once and for all often helps begin a healing process that has been stalled for decades.

Looking for personal family history services? Check out FHD founder, Allison Peacock’s personal website for more information. Have a challenging personal genetic identification project? Read on…

• Fraudulent Adoption
• Black Market Adoption
• Child Trafficking
• Kidnapping
• Child Abandonment

In addition to our work for law enforcement, FHD Forensics now specializes in working with people who are unsure of their own identities. Over the past 5 years, we’ve developed a specific set of skills allowing us to advocate for and support people who are unsure of their biological origins.

In addition to hundreds of legal adoptees, our team has helped people who were lost, stolen, or abandoned as children. These cases present unique legal challenges for adults seeking to unlock their biological identities and discover the truth about where they came from.

Our company evolved out of a focus on conventional genetic genealogy research for family histories in 2020, when we began taking on specialized, complicated adoption cases. One of them involved a black market adoption in Brazil, part of the infamous Brazil Baby Affair. For that purpose, we built an extensive network of boots-on-the-ground researchers in Brazil for future cases, if needed.

Another big learning curve for us was the dramatic search for Holly Marie Clouse. Much has been written and broadcast about our work in that case. In our efforts to locate Holly, we DNA tested several women with horrific stories of abusive childhoods, most needing help just to know for certain who they were biologically. Recent unusual personal cases we’ve worked include people who were sold as babies, switched at birth, adopted fraudulently, and adopted in foreign countries – among others.

(Bonus: Catch our podcast episode on the role adoptees are playing in solving cold cases for law enforcement in The Family History Detectives® podcast, Season 1, Episode 3: ‘A Quiet Army.’)

How It Works

If you already have an open law enforcement case you may be able to get some of the services you need for free through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) at 1-800-843-5678.

If you do not have an open law enforcement case and you wish to work with law enforcement, we may be able to assist you in gathering the critical information you need to present to the police.

  • Advocacy and resources
  • Help with opening law enforcement cases
  • Help with opening NCMEC cases
  • Help with establishing legal identification
  • Help with gaining corrected vital records

We also work for clients who simply want answers for themselves without the involvement of outside agencies.

Getting Started

Our fees for this type of investigation range from 1,500.00 – 3,500.00 and up, and vary according to the following conditions:

  • Single parent identification
  • Both parents identification
  • Cases with recent immigrants in the family tree
  • Births in foreign countries
  • Complex legal cases or legal challenges

For those persons unable to afford our fees, we offer a fundraising program through our nonprofit sister organization, Genealogy For Justice. If you’re willing to help raise your own funding, we can give you the tools!

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Changing a Life

Genetic genealogy brings restorative and economic justice

Our team was involved in a key, groundbreaking family court case setting a new precedent for accountability in December 2023. For the first time ever in any jurisdiction, the Canadian court accepted expert testimony, familial DNA evidence, and historical and travel records to establish paternity. This precedent can now be used in all Common Law jurisdictions, including the UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand. Learn more about the case on behalf of a child born out of wedlock to a sex worker in the Philippines on the Genealogy For Justice™ website.