Selected interviews given by Allison Peacock

Young man’s death helps bring story of Gullah-Geechee fishing village to life
Archaeologists seek relatives of remains found in Georgetown County
Dean and Tina Linn Clouse Memorial Fund Has New Non-profit Home: First Two Underwritten Jane Doe Cases Underway
Families Plea for Help Solving Cold Cases: Baby Holly’s Family Honoring Dean and Tina Clouse by Fundraising for Doe Identifications and Helping Other Victims
Finding Baby Holly was ‘a miracle,’ says genealogist who helped solve the 40-year-old mystery
An Astonishing ID: Baby of couple murdered in 1981 Finally Found says genealogist who helped solve the 40-year-old mystery
Who Killed Dean and Tina Clouse — and Where is Their Baby?
Missing Daughter of Texas Murder Victims Found After 40 Years: Holly Marie Clouse Reunited with Extended Family Thanks to Texas Attorney General’s New Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit
Family of couple from 1980s cold case travels to Houston crime scene, sparking memories along the way
Family History Detectives Launch Hope for Holly: Missing Daughter of Texas Murder Victims Sought, Inspires an Effort to Help Stolen Children
After 40 years, a murdered Houston couple has finally been identified. Where is their missing baby?
Remains of Houston couple found in 1981 finally identified. But their child, now 41, is still missing.
Murdered Houston couple identified 40 years later, but their baby is still missing
His Name is Danny: Forensic Genealogy Team Solves 60 Year Old Bibb County Lost Child Case
Sleuths Solve Case Of Unidentified ‘John Doe’ In Bibb County
Deathbed confession, DNA match lead to suspect in 37-year-old murder of school lunch lady