The families of violent crime victims and missing persons deserve answers. We’re passionate about solving the mysteries of unknown subject identifications.

Our Standards

FHD Forensics employs the highest standards in Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG) proficiency.

Our investigators have an average of 15 years of genealogical research experience, with most having over 20 years.

Our standards in data and privacy protection, as well as professional ethics reflect our commitments.

Our Commitments

• Following the guidelines set out by the US Department Of Justice in its Interim Policy Forensic Genetic Genealogical DNA Analysis And Searching.

• Configuring database profile settings to prevent case research and data from being publicly viewed by other users.

• Adhering to the terms of service (TOS) for the public genealogical databases and other websites used in our work.

• Protecting the confidentiality of all living persons who are discovered genealogically during the course of an investigation.

• Employing exacting standards in source documentation and a demonstrated proficiency and success rate.

Our Team

Allison Peacock, Founder & President

Investigative genetic genealogist Allison Peacock brings passion, skills, and significant experience to facilitating the resolution of unknown identities, including deep expertise in researching genealogies in Latin American countries. A hands-on investigator, Allison has researched cases in at least 15 foreign countries and counting. Her solved cases include scores of unknown subject and unidentified remains cases. Other significant identification projects include the paternity of a man born in South Carolina in 1856, the identity of an international black market adoption survivor, a dual perpetrator Midwestern homicide case, and assisting the families of two Texas murder victims with locating the couple’s missing daughter after 41 years. That case led to the innovative creation of a memorial fund to underwrite unidentified remains cases providing the opportunity for the families to turn their pain into purpose.

Allison has been interviewed on the subject of genetic genealogy by every major American media network, appearing on broadcasts such as GMA3 and CNN Tonight with Laura Coates. FHD Forensics leverages her experience on the front lines of this emerging field exclusively for law enforcement agencies, archeological teams, and restorative justice projects.

Cyndi Despault, Operations Manager

Cyndi Despault is the rocket fuel that keeps the FHD Forensics ship sailing. She ensures all FHD investigations are carried out with purpose and efficiency. Before joining the FHD team, Cyndi’s background in Life Sciences, including DNA processing, culminated in a position as laboratory supervisor for a premier genomic profiling research institution providing bioinformatics and molecular diagnostic services.

From shipping evidence to delivering case-closing leads, Cyndi’s eye for quality control of data, case management and tracking, and documentation compliance serve our clients well over the life of their cases.

Reilly Wyman, Manager of Business Development

Reilly Wyman, Cold Case Liaison

Reilly Wyman brings a passion for solving puzzles and a naturally effervescent personality to her work as the primary point of contact for our law enforcement clients. She earned her degree in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin. Her track record of solving complex problems and ‘putting out fires’ as a manager make her dogged in her goal to bring case-closing genetic genealogy services to overworked law enforcement agencies.

Contact Reilly today to submit your case for a free evidence review and assessment.

Valerie Kemp, Senior Investigative Genealogist

With a deep specialty in African American genetic genealogy, Investigator Valerie Kemp is skilled at using DNA and thorough research to identify matches and map pedigrees beyond the post-Civil War 1870 brick wall. In spite of the separations of enslavement, surname changes, and other issues unique to African American genealogy, Valerie has many confirmed solves in cases involving unidentified subjects. She frequently works with low shared cM matches, chromosome painting, and extensive research in order to solve difficult cases, including those with Ancient DNA samples.

In addition to her genetic genealogy expertise, Valerie brings skills in social science research implementation and analysis, as well as a background as an award winning filmmaker to her work for FHD Forensics and its clients.

Rebecca Hamilton, Attorney/Researcher

As an attorney, legal advocate and researcher, Rebecca Hamilton leverages over 25 years of experience in both civil and criminal litigation to help close cold cases and solve complex personal identification cases for Team FHD. Rebecca holds a B.A. from Cornell University and a J.D. with Honors from the University of Texas School of Law. Her ability to think outside the box and her relentless nature often allows her to see connections where others do not.

To assist someone who has been unjustly denied access to their own history – their own identity, their own search for self – well, now, that is a great thing.

Investigative Genetic Genealogy Team FHD

Team FHD, Investigative Genetic Genealogists

Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy (FIGG) is a high profile industry and some of our case-cracking investigators prefer to remain anonymous.

FHD’s investigative genealogy team applies decades of experience, multiple genetic specialities, and a track record of case closures too numerous to count to their pursuit of justice for victims’ families and the hard working law enforcement agencies that entrust us with their unsolved cases.

Isabel de la Luz, Genealogy For Justice Liaison

Genealogy For Justice™ (G4J) Liaison to FHD Forensics, Isabel de la Luz came to the genetic genealogy field naturally when the use of DNA to identify unknown persons impacted her on a very personal level as a child. With a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Isabel is passionate about combining her unique skills and interests to support hard working cold case investigators and medical examiners in bringing closure to victims’ families.

As President of G4J, sister organization to FHD Forensics, Isabel’s priorities are to fund, advocate, and educate on topics relating to genetic genealogy as a solution to the epidemic of unsolved violent crime and unidentified remains cases. With an eye toward the mental health of surviving families of cold case victims and human trafficking, she is developing a cutting edge movement founded on the use of genetic genealogy to change lives.