The families of violent crime victims and missing persons deserve answers. We’re passionate about supporting law enforcement agencies to help make that happen.

Allison Peacock

Investigative genetic genealogist Allison Peacock brings passion, skills, and significant experience to facilitating the resolution of unknown identities, including deep expertise in researching genealogies in Latin

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Isabel de la Luz
Cold Case

Cold Case Liaison, Isabel de la Luz came to the genetic genealogy field naturally when the use of DNA to identify unknown persons impacted her on a very personal level as a child. She holds a Masters degree in

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Valerie Kemp
Investigative Genealogist

With a deep specialty in African American genetic genealogy, Investigator Valerie Kemp is skilled at using DNA and thorough research to identify matches and map pedigrees for African American families

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Sue M. Senden, forensic artist

Sue M. Senden

S. M. Senden has been a forensic artist for over 40 years with a specialty in artistic facial depictions created from a skull. She uses her skills to work with police departments helping

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Mysteries we tackle

  • Violent crime suspect leads

  • Adult Unidentified Remains cases

  • Infant Doe cases


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