The families of violent crime victims and missing persons deserve answers. We’re passionate about supporting law enforcement agencies to help make that happen.

Allison Peacock

Investigative genetic genealogist Allison Peacock brings passion, skills, and significant experience to facilitating the resolution of cold cases. After more than 20 years experience in genealogical research and 30 in business management, she spent most of 2021 developing case handling systems, operational tactics and managing a team of genetic genealogists for forensic pioneer, Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick. She is also a hands-on investigator solving both unknown remains and violent crimes cases before founding FHD Forensics.

FHD Forensics leverages Allison’s experience on the front lines of this emerging field exclusively for law enforcement agencies.

“Allison Peacock was a godsend when it came to helping our families deal with the murder of our loved ones.”  – Les Linn, victim’s brother  

Isabel de la Luz
Cold Case

Cold Case Liaison, Isabel de la Luz came to the genetic genealogy field naturally when the use of DNA to identify unknown persons impacted her on a very personal level as a child. She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Minor in Criminal Justice. Isabel is passionate about combining her unique skills and interests to support hard working cold case investigators and medical examiners in bringing closure to victims’ families.

In her role for FHD Forensics, Isabel is the primary point of contact for law enforcement agencies.

Submit a case to start a conversation with her about how this new and emerging field can help you close cold cases. Free case feasibility analysis is offered for all new clients.

Misty Nall, J.D.
Investigative Genealogist

Genetic genealogist and licensed attorney Misty Nall brings vast investigative experience, including as a court appointed investigator, as well as a judicial staff attorney and expert witness to her role with FHD Forensics. An avid genealogist for 20 years, her successful identification of her own Croatian great grandmother’s biological parents was instrumental in solidifying her passion for the use of autosomal DNA in forensic work.

Misty’s unique combination of legal and genealogical expertise makes her a valuable part of the FHD team.

“I cannot say enough about the quality of work and the attention to detail that Misty Nall uses as she has been working with our agency.”  – Kaley Behl, Alachua County, Florida 

Valerie Kemp
Investigative Genealogist

With a deep specialty in African American genetic genealogy, Investigator Valerie Kemp is skilled at using DNA and thorough research to identify matches and map pedigrees for African American families beyond the 1870 brick wall. In spite of the separations of enslavement, surname changes, and other issues unique to African American genealogy, Valerie has many confirmed solves in cases involving unidentified subjects. She frequently works with low shared cM matches, chromosome painting, and extensive research in order to solve cases.

In addition to her genetic genealogy expertise, Valerie brings skills in social science research implementation and analysis and background as an award winning filmmaker to her work for FHD Forensics and its clients.

Ashton Guy
Director of Operations

Ashton Guy brings 6 years of corporate operational experience and 2 years of organizational development for medical practices to her role with FHD Forensics. Her previous tenure with American Cancer Society included case management and crisis communications. She is responsible for designing and managing FHD’s case management system and overseeing the smooth flow of information, tactics, and processes.

Ashton fully believes in the importance of information management in forensic casework.  Applying an artist’s finesse to everything she does, her motto, ‘Heal yourself, heal the world’ is the perfect expression of our mission. By providing dogged detectives and medical examiners with new leads on unresolved cold cases, we help both law enforcement and victims’ families alike.

Mysteries we tackle

  • Violent crime suspect leads

  • Adult Unidentified Remains cases

  • Infant Doe cases


Where is Holly Marie?

“What about their daughter?” These were certainly not the first words I expected to come out of the mouth of the surviving family member of a murder victim we had just identified.

It was my job to break the heart of a Florida woman with a simple phone call…